MicroPic 1.0

Change your photo resolutions instantly


  • 3 preset settings for instant conversion
  • Option to add watermarks


  • Only outputs in JPG format

Not bad

There's nothing more frustrating than desperately wanting to share a photo with someone but finding that it's too big to send by e-mail or upload to a photo sharing site.

MicroPic is an instant image resizer for those that simply can't be bothered altering resolutions, resizing and retouching their photos and images. It's an ideal tool for those designers that regularly need to make thumbnails, avatars or upload them rapidly to a website.

The program works on a drag-and-drop principle - simply drag your image into the program screen and you'll instantly be presented with three resized options. The problem is that it can only read BMP or JPG formats and it outputs files only in JPG format which is rather restricting.

On the plus side, the program doesn't even require any installation whatsoever and it can convert multiple images at the same time. It can also insert a © copyright message if you want to protect your photos and round-off your images with smoother edges. Alternatively, you can also insert a watermark with the message of your choosing.

It's not a particularly flexible photo resizer in terms of formats supported but it's an ultra fast solution for anyone who needs to resize images in a hurry.



MicroPic 1.0

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